Bathhouse no. 6

12 Bathhouse no. 6

address: Central Park
architects: M.V. Tarasov, G.M. Khimshiashvili
project: 1950
construction: 1951 
current state: in original use

When walking in Tskaltubo Park, it is difficult to avoid the building of Bathhouse no. 6. Located in the middle of the park, at the intersection of the main alleys, this building marks the compositional center of the landscape. The shortest access to the building is organized from the western entrance to the park. Visitors will find themselves in front of the central entrance of the building, across a wide alley and a square decorated with a sculptural fountain. According to a legend, the building was built for Stalin personally in nine months. At the time of its construction, it was the largest and best-equipped bathhouse building in Tskaltubo. The influence of the Soviet leader is strongly felt in the architectural organization and decor of the building. Bathhouse no. 6 is designed in the Stalin’s Empire style/ Socialist realism style. The central entrance of the two-story building is highlighted by a pompous portico. The supporting columns of the portico rising the full height of the building, are decorated with capitals of the Corinthian order. Above the front door of the building, the upper register is decorated with a three-part frieze depicting Stalin’s life. Visitors entering the building find themselves in a richly decorated, wide lobby with сolumns. The plan of the building is strictly symmetrical. It consists of several interconnected wings. There are three communal pools and individual cabinets located on the ground floor of the building, while the upper floor is intended for treatment rooms. The common pools are symmetrically distributed on the ground floor. The central pool is located at the end of the axis of the lobby, while the other two pools are located at the far ends of the central wing. They are decorated with ceramic tiles, mosaics and sculptures. Bathhouse no. 6 retains its original function and serves the guests and patients of the resort till today. In 2021, the building was granted the status of a cultural heritage monument.