Tskaltubo Spa Resort

10 Tskaltubo Sanatorium - Army department (Tskaltubo Spa Resort)

address: Rustaveli Street 23
architects: Aleksandre Intskirveli, Valida Chantladze, Co-author Vladimer Nasaridze 
cooperation: M.B. Buzogli (old.)
art cooperation: T. Sikharulidze
project: 1947
construction: 1947-1957
capacity: 500
current state: in original use

The Sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense (now Legends Tskaltubo Spa Resort) overlooks Tskaltubo Park from the eastern slope. It is one of the largest objects in the resort in terms of the area allocated to it and the number of beds. Unlike other sanatoriums, it has preserved its original function. The construction of the sanatorium was completed in 1957 according to the project of Alexandre Intskirveli (one of the authors of Medea and Savane sanatoriums) and Valida Chantladze. Vladimer Nasaridze, who was involved in the construction of the Government Palace (now the Georgian Parliament) in Tbilisi in 1946-53, was also involved in the preparation of the project. 16 hectares of land is devoted to sanatorium buildings and a large park. The four main buildings of the sanatorium are distributed symmetrically on the plot of land. The sanatorium can be accessed from Rustaveli Street through two entrances arranged diagonally to the central axis. On the central axis, in the vicinity of Rustaveli Street, there is an administrative building, and in the depth of the plot, there is a canteen and a concert hall building. Two identical residential blocks are oriented at an angle of 30 degrees to the central axis. The façade of the three-story building of the administrative building is decorated with arches, the building has a cornice and sculptures of women and men by the sculptor T. Sikharulidze. The building where the canteen and the concert hall are located is monumental. The central part of the façade is formed by a massive semicircular volume decorated with arches. The residential blocks are connected to the canteen and concert hall buildings by open and closed galleries. Stalin’s apartments are still preserved in one of the buildings. The vast garden of the sanatorium is richly planted and decorated.