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Documentary​ movie about Sanatorium Machnáč

Documentary movie, 35´, 2018

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Movie about an abandoned sanatorium in a small spa town. Constructivist building, a celebration of development, a substantiation of the architect´s humanistic vision. The author embodied here his ideas of progress and constructed a symbol of a modern society. Nowadays: it is a modernist ruin of utopia. Cruise ships that sank in spa park. The owners have no interest to take care of the building, which is not profitable. Therefore this unique monument is decaying.  But what is truly dysfunctional? The building, the architecture or the society? Are we prepared to deal with modern ruins?

  • Director: Andrea Kalinová
  • Script: Andrea Kalinová, Barbora Németh
  • Cinematography: Andrea Kalinová, Tereza Križková, Monika "Pixy" Kováčová
  • Editor: Jakub Fišer
  • Music: Matúš Wiedermann, Marián Závarský